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Boudoir F.A.Q

Where are the Boudoir photography sessions held?
This is completely your choice. Typically they are held at in the comfort of your own home or held in a nice hotel. Hotel expenses are the responsibility of the client. I also offer outdoor Boudoir sessions! The important thing to keep in mind when choosing your location is the bedroom. Nice bed, nice bedding and the bigger the headboard, the better!! The room design and set up can really make or break the session. Scenery is very important.

What should I wear to my boudoir photography session?
Again, this is entirely up to you. A few examples would be lingerie, men’s t-shirt, a jersey of your significant other’s favorite team, sometimes just a sexy pair of panties and nothing else works perfectly! I usually suggest 2 outfits and what I call a “Strip Down.” Remember, only implied nudity. Please refrain from outfits that are completely see through. And don’t forget to bring a few pairs of your sexiest high heels!

How long will the boudoir session take?
I would plan 2 hours. Sometimes we may finish sooner.

Do you suggest I get my hair & make up done?
I would say yes, but it’s not mandatory, of course. This is your session. If you need recommendations, please contact me. I know a make up artist who is AMAZING!

I have “problem” areas… are you be able to work around those?
What women doesn’t have areas which they feel uncomfortable about?! Trust me, I have plenty!! But, yes, I will customize your session to your comfort level

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